What do different Rose Colors mean?

Different colour of roses has different meanings. Some might be more suited for a certain event than others. Here are what the different colour of roses signifies to help you with choosing your perfect bouquet.

Red: Red roses are the most traditional Valentine’s Day flower, and with good reason. This colour represents romance, love, beauty and perfection. It is sometimes said that dark red roses represent humility or unconscious beauty.

Red Rose Meaning: Ultimate Love, Passion and Longing 

Orange: Bright, fiery orange represents life, energy, passion and excitement. Give these roses to someone irresistible. Softer shades, like peach, are used to express sincerity or gratitude, while pastel peach is considered a modest colour.

Orange Rose Meaning: Passion, Desire and Fierce Love

Peach Rose Meaning: Modesty, Genuineness and Sympathy

Yellow: The warmth of the yellow rose symbolizes friendship, joy and gladness. These flowers can also be used as a sign of remembrance or affection.

Yellow Rose Meaning: Friendship, Care and Remembrance 

White: White roses come with a variety of meanings, including purity, innocence, grace and humility. Because these flowers have long been popular for weddings, they have also come to represent new beginnings and budding love.

White Rose Meaning: Purity, Chastity and Innocence

Pink: Pink roses are given to express your admiration of someone’s refinement, elegance or femininity. Darker shades of pink convey a sense of appreciation, while pale pinks are generally used to give a sense of admiration, joy or gentleness.

Pink Rose Meaning: Sweetness, Admiration and Joy

Lavender: In the language of flowers, lavender roses are used to tell someone that you’re enchanted by them. They also represent desire and love at first sight

Lavender Rose Meaning: Majesty, Fascination and Splendor 

Green Rose Meaning: Harmony, Peace and Health

Ivory Rose Meaning: Charm, Luxury and Elegance

Blue Rose Meaning : Unattainable Love, Desire and Mystery

Black Rose Meaning: New Beginnings, Courage & Hope

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